Annual Concerto Competition

2016-2017 Senior Orchestra Concerto Competition Result

1st Place       Victor Mangas, clarinet
2nd Place     Jack Zhang, violin
3rd Place      Ariel Pan, flute
4th Place      Max Hsu, oboe

Honourable mention & Alternate
Ayumi Yaesawa, violin


2016-2017 Intermediate Orchestra Concerto Competition Result

1st Place       Oliver Su, cello
2nd Place     Ireh Kim, percussion

Honourable mention & Alternate
Eddie Zhuang, violin


2016-2017 Junior Orchestra Concerto Competition Result

1st Place       Davin and Toby Mar, violas

Alternate     Caleb Chiu, violin
Honourable Mention     Caroline Ho, violin

Each fall, the VYSO holds an exciting Annual Concerto Competition for VYSO Junior, Intermediate, and Senior orchestra musicians and their families.

Performance Opportunity

Winners in each category will have an opportunity to perform with their orchestra division at the VYSO Spring Concerts. At the Senior Orchestra level, up to 4 winners are selected. At the Intermediate Orchestra level, up to 2 winners are selected and one winner is selected from the Junior Orchestra level.


The VYSO designs the competition experience to be an encouraging one for all competitors and work hard to insure that the competition is fair and professionally executed. The competition’s professional and unbiased adjudicators are experienced local musicians, and have no affiliation with any of the competing musicians. The adjudicators choose winners based solely on the musicians’ performance at the competition. VYSO conductors and artistic staff do not participate, nor do they have any influence in the selection of winners.


The Concerto Competition is open to any current member of the VYSO in good standing who was not a VYSO concerto winner in the preceding two VYSO seasons, in the same orchestra division. A complete application must be submitted to the VYSO office with fees on or before the deadline. The contestants must abide by all competition rules including  performing on the date and time assigned with a pianist.


Competition Rules

  • Competitors must perform on the instrument they play in the current VYSO season.
  • The competition piece must be approved by the Orchestra Conductor and meet length, orchestration and accessibility requirements.
  • Competitors must provide 2 copies of the solo part only for the adjudication committee. (Photocopies may be used for this purpose).
  • Competitors must perform with and provide their own accompanist.

Each competition performance will be 10 minutes in length or less however; the musical selection may be as long as 15 minutes for the stage performance. Competitors are required to make appropriate cuts to their music if necessary, to ensure that their tuning and musical selection does not exceed the 10 minute time limit for this competition. All applicants are encouraged to memorize their selections, however memorization is not required.

1st and 2nd place winners will receive a modest cash prize.

On the competition day, the adjudicators will not address the competitors as they do in music festivals. Competitors are encouraged to listen to one another but they are not required to stay past the end of their performance. The winner(s) will be notified by phone on the evening of the competition and all other results will be announced at the following Saturday VYSO rehearsal. As well, competition winner’s names will be published on the VYSO website and individual adjudication sheets will be given to all competitors, along with the full competition results.