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The Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra has enjoyed over 85 years of continuous community support. We hope our mission and our music will inspire you to join our many generous donors. As a non-profit society, the VYSO depends on generous donations from people like you to provide accessible, high-caliber orchestral training for young musicians, and foster an enduring love of music in the community.

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General Donation

Giving programs

There are many ways you can support the VYSO Endowment Fund:

  • Make a cash donation through the VYSO office or the Vancouver Foundation.
  • Make a donation through CanadaHelps.
  • Make a bequest. Your estate will receive a donation receipt for the value of the gift.
  • Name the Vancouver Foundation/VYSO Endowment Fund as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. This entitles the donor to a current donation receipt on the cash surrender value of the policy, and further receipts on payment of subsequent premiums. It allows a significant future gift at an affordable current cost without reducing the donor’s estate available to family and friends.
  • Donate publicly traded securities. Excellent tax benefits are available if you transfer ownership of securities to the VYSO Endowment Fund.
  • Donate gifts in kind, such as real-estate, artworks and jewellery, and receive a donation receipt for their fair market value.
  • Gift your RRSP or RRIF tax-free.
  • Provide a Charitable Gift Annuity – ideal for people over 70 – to allow you to give a substantial gift to the VYSO and receive periodic income payments in return.

There are a number of significant tax incentives available to donors and it is recommended that you discuss making any significant gift with your legal and financial advisors to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit possible.

VYSO is a registered charity. Our Charitable Donation Number is: BN 119282408 RR 0001.

2017-2018 Supporters

Bursary Award / Scholarships

Amy Dundas Head Memorial Fund
Margitta Krebs Bursary Fund
Lightburn/van den Bos Scholarship Award


Christopher Foundation
Deux Mille Foundation
The Hamber Foundation
Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation

Platinum Sponsor (2014 – 2017)

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments


TD Bank Group – Community Relations


Individual Donations (2017 ~)

Elizabeth Bligh/Volpe
Gordon Cherry
Carol Chien
Mar-Sachs Family
Judith Fraser
Si Moon Jeong
Brandon Lee
Peter Lee
Cagney Li

Ronald Milne
Joy Moon
Akira Nagai
Beth Orson
George Shipley
Selina Sun
Laurinla Tran
Rosanna Wang
Stephen Wilkes
Fang Yao

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2016-2017 Member Donations

Busletta Angela
Butler Vivian
Cenerelli Bettina
Chavez Rocio
Chen Muhong
Chiang Kuei-Fen
Chiang Ken
Chiu Andrew
Cho Donghyuk
Chow Kerry
Chu Ying
Cottle Laura
Creighton Sandra
Feather Gerald
Gao Chi Wen
Ge Bixia
Guan Wenshao
Gui Yon
Guo Wei Qun
Guo Zhi Zhu
Han Hong
Hsu Theresa
Hu Annie


Hu Li Hui
Huang Frances
Huang Xiaohong
Jin Yapin
Kim Jae Eun
Kim Hyon Jin
Kim Doohyun
Lago Rita
Lai Yi-Ju
Lee George
Lee Nora
Leung Josephine
Li James
Li Sarah
Li Jin
Li Hong Tao
Lian Qun
Liang Yixin
Liang Xiao Lei
Lim Heather
Lim Lian
Lin Yu Huang
Liu Feng
Lu Ling
Ma Kun
Malmberg James
Mehrabi Pauline
Mo XiaoRong
Monagan Michael
Nguyen Vy
Pederson Karla
Qi Yan
Qin Wang Qiao
Rhone Stephanie
Siy Evelyn
Stothers Lynn
Sun Xia
Sun Fenglei
Sun Wei
Sun Yurong
Thom Paul
Tieu Elena
Tran Laurinla
Tseng Athena
Wai Patrick
Wang Yanfei
Wang Yang
Wang Lei
Wang Li Min
Wang Hao-Chih
Wang Yuhui
Woo Ken
Woo Sue
Wu Li-Chan
Yang Joanna
Yao Rikki
Yao Liang
Yu Seiyul
Yuan Yizhou
Zeng Walter
Zhang Su
Zhao Jane
Zhu Sofia